What is #MyBernieStory?

A good story has the power to change the world and to unite a movement, and each of us has a story that can motivate others into action! #MyBernieStory is the 1 minute explanation of what’s at stake for you and your loved ones in the 2020 election, and what a Bernie Sanders presidency would mean for your community. Sharing authentic, personal stories about our lives and what moves us to support Bernie is the most effective way to persuade others to support Bernie!

How do I make a great #MyBernieStory?

#MyBernieStory is not about telling the most heartbreaking story about experiencing hardship, or a ten minute speech about how long you have been supporting Bernie. A good #MyBernieStory is simply authentic, honest, vivid and clearly communicates why you support Bernie and what’s at stake for you in this election. For more tips on how to record a great video from Bernie’s video team, watch here! Here’s a quick list of #MyBernieStory DOs and DON’Ts:


a. Focus on one challenge you / your family / your community is facing, and what a Bernie presidency would mean for what's at stake.

b. If you were undecided or leaning towards another candidate, share your personal feelings about what changed your mind about Bernie. 

c. Film in a well-lit location in a place without busy background distractions!

d. Speak from the heart, and end with a call to action (If you also believe in ___, join me in voting for Bernie!)


a. Just list out all of Bernie’s policy positions that you agree with, or talk about how long you’ve been supporting Bernie for.

b. Discuss other candidates.

c. Go over 2 minutes! The most effective videos are around one minute long. 

How do I record #MyBernieStory?

We recommend that you record your story in BERN, the campaign’s official app (Available in Google Play and the Apple App Store), you can also record it on this website! Once you’ve recorded and submitted your video, our team will approve your video before it’s accessible in the app or on this site. Please make sure your Bernie story is family-friendly, positive, and doesn’t disparage any other candidates. Remember, what would Bernie say?

How do I share #MyBernieStory?

Sharing your story is so important, and there are many ways you can share your #MyBernieStory!

a. Send it out using your personal survey link. Using BERN, the campaign’s official app, you can send out your video attached to your own personal survey that you can use to ask your friends how they’re feeling about the 2020 election. We are NOT collecting any of your friends’ personal information, we just want you to be able to have a comprehensive list of how your networks feel about Bernie so that YOU can do the critical work of organizing them! Once you have recorded your video story and after you submit your video, it will appear in your BERN survey. When you friend opens the link, they will see you video and beneath it, your survey. This will make your conversations with your friends even more powerful!

b. Share it on social media. You should feel free to share your #MyBernieStory on social media at any time, using the hashtag #MyBernieStory. You can even post your survey link as well, to get your friends’ opinions!